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Guardiola (plant)
Guardiola is a genus of plants in the sunflower family, native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. Members of the genus are subshrubs with simple, opposite leaves and terminal inflorescences.Originally placed in the subtribe Melampodiinae, the genus was placed in its own subtribe, Guardiolinae, by Harold Robinson in 1978.
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Pep Guardiola
Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola i Sala, nado en Santpedor (Barcelona) o 18 de xaneiro de 1971, é un ex futbolista e actual adestrador de fútbol español. Xogaba de centrocampista e foi internacional coa selección española. Actualmente adestra o Manchester City F.C.
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Pep Guardiola
Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala španski je nogometni menadžer i bivši nogometaš. Trenutno radi kao trener ekipe Manchester City.Profesionalnu karijeru započeo je 1990. godine u Barceloni, igrao je i za Bresciju, Romu, Al Ahli i Dorados.Od 2007. godine je trener u B timu Barcelone, a od 2008. do 2012. godine je bio trener prvog tima Barcelone. [1]
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Josep Guardiola
Josep “Pep” Guardiola i Sala (født 18. januar 1971 i Santpedor, Spanien) er en tidligere spansk fodboldspiller og træner for den engelske storklub Manchester City. I løbet af sin karriere som professionel fodboldspiller var han defensiv midtbanespiller. Han spillede for FC Barcelonas førstehold i perioden 1990-2001. Fra 1992-2001 spillede
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Pep Guardiola se narodil matce Dolors a otci Valentí. Má 2 starší sestry, Francescu a Olgu, a mladšího bratra Pera, agenta uruguayského útočníka Luise Suáreze. Guardiola má ženu Cristinu Serru, kterou poprvé potkal v obchodě s oblečením když mu bylo 18.
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Guardiola o San Salvador de Guardiola ye un conceyu de Cataluña, pertenez a la provincia de Barcelona, y tópase asitiáu nel sur de la comarca del Bages. Amás de la capital municipal, formar les entidaes del Calvet, la Devesa de Dalt i Ca l’Esteve, el Graell, el Pinyot, Raval de Colldarboç, Raval del Parrot, Raval del Sellerès, Salellas y Set-rengs.
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Pep, si? Guardiola
Pep Guardiola (born in 18 Janurary 1971 age 50) is a spanish There is a problem with parsing the infoboxmanager of Manchester City F.C., former managing Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He is a perfectionist and is a tactics genius. ”Twice! Twice! Twice!” My friend is Jurgen Klopp BOOM.And everyone is sure that he hides something evil,very evil,mabye an football criminal,in 442oons …
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Illich Guardiola
Illich Auyapah Guardiola (born July 5, 1972) is a Honduran-born American voice actor who provided voice roles for Japanese anime.He has worked for ADV Films, FUNimation, and Seraphim Digital, and as a stage actor and director in the Houston theatre community., and as a stage actor and director in the Houston theatre community.
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Pep Guardiola
Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala professionally known as Pep Guardiola is a Spanish professional football manager and former player, who is the current manager of Premier League club Manchester City. He is considered to be one of the greatest managers of all time and holds the record for the most consecutive league games won in La Liga, the Bundesliga, and the Premier League.
Pep Guardiola Biography - Facts. Childhood. Family of Former Spanish Footballer
Castello di Guardasone
Il castello di Guardasone è un maniero medievale che sorge sul versante orientale del monte Lugolo, nella località Ariana di Guardasone, frazione di Traversetolo, in provincia di Parma; sulla vetta si trovano inoltre i ruderi dell’antica torre di avvistamento, nota come “Guardiola”.
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Gedeón Guardiola
Gedeón Guardiola Villaplana (født 1. oktober 1984) er en spansk håndboldspiller for Rhein-Neckar Löwen og det spanske landshold . Han er en tvillingebror til Isaías Guardiola , også en håndboldspiller. Referencer eksterne links Gedeón Guardiola på Olympedia
Pep Guardiola Biography - Facts. Childhood. Family of Former Spanish Footballer
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Pep Guardiola Wiki 2018, Edad, Altura, Valor neto 2018, Peso, Familia – Pep Guardiola is a Spanish professional football coach and former player who is the current …
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Pep,si Guardiola Personal info Other names Pep Age 49 Nationality Max Spayne Catchphrases “TWICE!” “I’m in love with these goalposts.” Based on Pep Guardiola Career info Club Banchester City FC Former clubs Barcelona Achievements